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I have been asked on more than one occasion, “why should I hire you to handle my case or help me out?”  I feel like it is only appropriate to highlight some of my skills that will help you.

  1. Accessibility.  I have put this factor at the top of my list because I feel like it is one of the most important things to look for in an attorney.  I hear so many people complain about their attorney not returning their phone calls or emails.  My livelihood is based upon serving you, my client and that’s a responsibility that I will never neglect.
  2. Prompt.  When you have a matter that needs attention, you don’t need to wait around for hours.  You need a quick response and that’s what I am; quick.  Go ahead and just try me.  Hit the contact us button and see how quickly I get back in touch with you about your legal needs.
  3. Intuitive. I have an excellent ability to get a quick pulse on your legal needs.  Whether it be getting a divorce here in Utah or setting up a small business, I have the background and experience to help you out with intuitive solutions.
  4. Creative.  I’ve been running my own business for several years now and I’ve always been able to stay at the head of the curve and get to market quicker than my competitors and offer a better service.  My law practice is no different.  I’m not just a stuffy suit.  I want to come up with creative solutions to your legal needs.
  5. Courage.  It’s not often that you hear an attorney say that they have courage.  However, I feel like it is a crucial skill set that you need in an attorney.  I’ve been to combat twice and I never just take what other people say I should do.  Traditional lawyers have told me for years that you shouldn’t start a law firm right out of law school.  Well, here I am.  I’m working my butt off, helping out clients and putting real world solutions into practice for people who need my help.


So what are you waiting for?  Contact me today so I can help you with your Utah Small Business Matters, Divorce or Firearm legal issues.  Thank you for reading this and I hope to connect with you soon!


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