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General Counsel

Utah General Counsel attorney Michael Steck and Clarior LawIn short, the general counsel (GC) is responsible for assuring that the company is acting within the law. General counsels however, are beginning to fill an ever-expanding role from within a company. As the chief legal officer in a company or as outside representation, the general counsel identifies legal issues from within the company and reports them to the owner or CEO. As companies grow, a trustworthy general counsel is critical to responsibly oversee any potential legal issues a growing company may encounter. These issues include business mergers and acquisitions, intellectual law and labor law as a thriving business add more employees. As Utah continues to be an area hospitable to start-ups and entrepreneurship, a general counsel that understands small businesses is critical to sustained growth. Invaluable legal advice can ensure that a company avoids lengthy litigation that may inhibit progress. Aside from extensive legal knowledge, the characteristic most paramount for a general counsel to possess is integrity. A GC that possesses integrity and is willing to speak up is an indispensable asset for any growing business. A general counsel advises at the highest and most confidential levels. Honesty and integrity are required for a company’s board of directors to feel comfortable disclosing and discussing sensitive information. As businesses turn to general counsels, they will find an adviser capable of more than ensuring legal compliance. They will find informed, sound judgment ranging from business deals to employee hiring.

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