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FFL Compliance

FFL gun shop complianceA Federal Firearms License (FFL) is required of any individual or company intending to manufacture, import or distribute firearms and ammunition. The application procedure of becoming a Federal Firearm Licensee is done through the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF). The FFL process is often lengthy and at times frustrating. The firearm industry is highly regulated and after all of the hard work that is required to receive an FFL, the task of staying compliant with the ATF can seem daunting. An FFL must be extremely cautious with all interactions with the ATF. By hiring an FFL attorney, an effective intermediary can be established that moderates all interaction between the FFL and ATF. Legal representation ensures that the rights of the FFL are maintained and ensures that a business is compliant with ever changing ATF regulation. As the firearm industry becomes increasingly regulated, an FFL attorney is necessary to protect the assets and business that a FFL has worked for years to establish. In instances where ATF regulation may have been unknowingly violated, a FFL attorney assures the individual is treated fairly and due process of law is followed. Whether the goal is to receive an FFL and set up a business, maintain FFL compliancy, or answer any questions regarding FFL Compliance and ATF regulation, Clarior Law is an indispensable asset necessary to protect your business.

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