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Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy Lawyer for law firm websiteWhether embarking on a new venture or for an established corporation, utilizing front line principles is key to protecting your operation, reputation and investment from legal exposure. Clarior Law is primed to consult, draft and implement your company’s privacy notice and policy. A privacy notice is a statement that reflects how an organization collects, uses, retains and discloses personal information. Sound legal representation will create a privacy policy specific to your industry, and the circumstances your customers may encounter. To assure that your business it sufficiently protected, a privacy policy must have keen attention to detail and include many different aspects, making it dynamic and solid. These aspects include detailing what kind of personal information will be collected, a description of how this information will be used within the company, and how the information is transferred to a third party. A privacy policy will provide instructions on how a user can modify or delete their personal information, how visitors can opt-out of communications, and how you notify visitors of changes to the policy. Effective legal representation can bring confidence to your customers in regards to their personally identifiable information.

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