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Mike Steck’s representation in my case was nothing short of top-notch. He has a sharp legal mind and laid out my various legal options clearly and comprehensively. He was extremely accessible whenever I had questions, and always focused on what was in my best interest. Perhaps most importantly, Mike is extremely patient and level-headed, which was critical in obtaining a favorable settlement. Choosing Mike Steck as my legal representation was the best decision I could have made.

Dave, client said –

Mike is a very task-oriented individual and pays close attention to detail… great traits for any attorney. I’ve been very happy with the drafting work Mike has provided for my company.

Andrew, client said –

I found working with Mike to be refreshing compared to other attorney’s I’ve engaged in the past. Mike was very thorough and knowledgeable when it came to addressing my legal needs in business. He took the time to explain things to me and to lay out the options without giving me the “you just don’t understand” feeling I’ve gotten in the past with other attorneys.

He was also very committed to making sure the job was done right. He kept me informed about process, timelines, etc. and was honest with me about expectations. I guess you could say he under-promised and over-delivered; once again, talk about refreshing!

One other things I really liked about Mike was the fact that he was technologically capable when it came to computers, email, etc. I’ve worked with attorneys in the past that were called “more experienced” in the field, but found that it was difficult for me being in the tech space to count of them when they could barely turn on the computer and I had to spend a bunch of billable time trying to explain simple internet issues to them. Mike gave me a lot of advise when it came to tech legal issues, social media compliance, and other factors.

Luke, attorney said –

I cannot over emphasize the importance of integrity and moral character in a criminal defense attorney, and Mike has plenty of it. Clients put massive amounts of trust in their attorney and few clients are savvy enough to know whether their trust is justified. With so many opportunities to betray or disappoint clients, it is reassuring to see people like Mike Steck hanging out their shingle and shoring up the public faith in our profession.

Jason, attorney said –

As a successful business owner himself, Mike understands the challenges entrepreneurs face when confronted with legal issues. He has a thorough understanding of business law and is very detail oriented. Mike’s attention to detail sets him apart from most attorneys. Mike works hard and provides all of his clients with effective representation, regardless of the type of legal matter.

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