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What about payment?

Not knowing how much your legal services are going to cost is one of the most stressful parts of retaining an attorney.  Whether it is flat fee pricing, limited representation, or traditional hourly billing, Michael wants to come up with a plan that works for you.

Billing Philosphy

My number one goal is to be a fierce advocate for your case.  As a small firm, my goal is to keep my costs low and my service of the highest quality.  You won’t be paying for a mahogany conference table and a downtown high rise office; you pay for my full attention, dedication, analysis and work.  My billing is transparent and I want you to be happy with the service you receive.

Unbundled Legal Services

An unbundled legal service is a limited scope representation.  In essence, the client engages the attorney only for those services that they want.  For instance, you may desire to hire an attorney to simply review a contract.  You could also retain your attorney for the limited purpose of modifying an business agreement rather than creating a new agreement.  Whatever, your circumstance, speak with your attorney about an unbundled legal representation.

Flat Fee Pricing

Nearly all of Clarior Law services can be offered with a flat fee.  The advantage to having a flat fee is that you will know what your services will cost up front.

Monthly Payment Plans

Not only are we able to take credit cards, cash and check, we can also arrange a monthly payment plan to allow you to pay for your legal services.

Traditional Hourly

If you’re not sure how much your case is worth to you and would prefer a traditional hourly rate,

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