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What information is stored

Cookies.  Many web browsers use cookies.  Cookies download certain parts of our website and store them on your computer.  This makes access to our site easier when you come back to see us again.

Personally identifiable information.  For those who retain our services, we may collect personal information such as your personally identifiable information.  For visitors of this site, only routine information is collected as a means of analytical analysis.  This routine information is not personally identifiable.

Where your information is stored

Information storage.  We store our clients personal information on a secure server in the United States.  The information we collect for analytics is also stored on a secure server in the United States.  When you visit this site, you give us your permission to store the above information.

How this information is used

Third parties.  Some of the information we receive is stored by third parties.  For routine analytics information, your personally identified information is not stored by third parties.  We keep our clients’ information stored on secure third party servers and do not transfer this information without our client’s consent.  A client is defined as an individual, corporation or person that engages us for legal services.

Make viewing faster.  Cookies and other stored information is used to make viewing faster when you visit our site again.

Changes to this policy

Changes.  We may make changes to this policy at a future date.  We will post that change here at that point in time.  We will notify our clients of any change to our privacy policy.

Effective date of the policy

Date.  This policy is effective 16 March 2012.


Contact us. If you have any questions about this policy, please feel free to contact Michael Steck with Clarior Law.


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