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Shift of Title/Responsibility

Training on Sexual & Discriminatory HarassmentA law firm operates in an environment very much unique to the legal world. There are various titles within a law firm each with their own specific responsibilities and expectations. As attorneys progress throughout their legal career, the law firm makes a determination whether to promote a long-time associate to partner. An associate also may be made a senior-associate. Law firms also have the option of promoting associates to of-counsel positions. Additionally, law firms often hire retired federal prosecutors, those accomplished in the business world, and those with outside responsibilities to an Of-Counsel status. With each successive promotion or additional attorney, there are various responsibilities that are specific to the position the attorney holds within the organization. Oftentimes, these transitions can be messy. Clarior Law can help to facilitate the smooth transition from one position in the firm to another so that law firm can focus on their specific area of practice.

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