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Website Legal Audit

Does your site comply with federal law? Do you have a privacy policy that protects your site’s visitors? With a website legal audit, you can know how well you are protecting you site.Website Legal Documents

Our website legal audit will look at the following areas:
Applicable Law – have you adequately identified which laws apply?
Copyright – Are you protecting your own site’s copyrighted material? Have you infringed upon other’s copyright?
Data security policy – does your data security policy protect those who use your site?
Disclaimers – do you have sufficient disclaimers about the use of your site?
Disclosure to third parties – do you disclose how your site interacts with other web content
Disputes and Resolutions – Do you have an adequate dispute resolution agreement?
Indemnity – Are you protecting yourself through an indemnity policy?
Information collection – how do you collect information from your site users?
Information use – do you lawfully use client information?
Modifications – do you adequately protect for modifications?
Notice of Alleged Infringement – do you spell out how someone is to submit a notice of alleged infringement?
Ownership – Is ownership of your site clearly indicated?
Privacy – what privacy protections do you have in place?
Product Descriptions – do you protect yourself against false claims?
Promotions – Do you protect yourself in online promotions?
Severability – Do you protect your site and business if one or more parts of your policy are considered unlawful?
Third party practices – do you protect yourself from other sites’ insufficient policies?
Trademarks – do you have adequate trademark protection on your site?
Web Site Use policy – Does your site have an adequate use policy?

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