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Venture Agreements

Venture Agreement Practice LawBusinesses that are interested in growing their market share will inevitably turn to agreements that facilitate corporate growth. Clarior Law can help businesses with the following agreements: Purchase and Sales, Mergers and Acquisitions, International Buying and Selling Contract, and Joint Ventures.

Purchase and Sales Agreement

A Purchase and Sales agreement is a critical contract when selling a business when you are acting as a buyer or a seller.  This contract can help protect the parties solidify the deal terms and minimize long-term liability.  Clarior Law helps buyers and sellers draft thorough purchase and sale agreements for businesses in Utah.

Mergers and Acquisitions

If two companies decide that it would be mutually beneficial to merge, they may do so in order to control a larger share of their perspective markets and ultimately save on logistical and operational expenses. Even prior to the actual negotiation of the final terms of the merger, Clarior Law can assist with many of the tasks associated with an acquisition. Non-disclosure agreements, due diligence and valuations are all necessary to prepare for an efficient merger and acquisition. Competent legal counsel can assist by helping this process to become a quick and smooth transition.

International Buying and Selling Contract

An International Buying and Selling Contract is a standard agreement between a seller and a buyer for the sale of goods. In addition to the basic identification of buyer/seller, the quantity and type of products, and the logistics of the delivery of those products, international buying and selling contracts includes stipulations specific to two international partners. Clarior Law helps clients by creating an international buying and selling contract that identifies the governing body of law through which any disputes are to be resolved, and terms of sale specific to international trading partners.

Joint Venture Agreement

A Joint Venture is a relationship between multiple parties based on the premise that money, property, expertise, knowledge and resources will be combined for the mutual benefit of accomplishing a specific project. A joint venture differs from a partnership because the agreement is contingent upon the fulfillment of a single undertaking whereas a partnership implies an ongoing relationship. Due to the fluid flexible nature of Joint Ventures, typically, no two Joint Venture Agreements are the same. The fundamental aspects of a Joint Venture is the right of venture members to direct the management of property used in the endeavor, the rights of each party member in relation to the transaction and most importantly the sharing of both profits and losses. Clarior Law helps businesses considering a Joint Venture Agreement by producing a personalized, meticulous business plan intent on the mutual benefit of all parties involved.

Venture Agreements are an essential part of a growing business. In order to mutually benefit all parties involved, the contracts must be thorough. Clarior Law offers comprehensive Purchase and Sales Agreements, Mergers and Acquisitions Contracts, International Buying and Selling Contracts, and Joint Ventures Agreements.

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