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Internal Protections

Internal Protections with employment agreements and intellectual propertyAs companies continue to benefit from the entrepreneurially fertile grounds of Utah Valley, their companies will inevitably grow and acquire more capital and employees. Clarior Law helps ease the growing pains by providing the following contracts: Intellectual Property Agreements, Employment Contracts, Alternative Dispute Resolutions, and Advertising & Marketing Agreements.

Intellectual Property Agreement

Intellectual Property Agreements provide legal protection for creative work related property such as literature, designs, inventions, slogans, ideas or discoveries. This agreement is absolutely essential for any company engaged in inventive or innovative projects. In order to safeguard precious ideas, it is essential that thorough intellectual property agreements are created that provide protection regardless of whether the intellectual property was created by in-house employees are independent contractors. Clarior Law helps Utah companies establish the rights and responsibilities of each party concerning the purchase, sale and protection of intellectual property.

Employment Contracts

An Employment Contract significantly reduces the risk of a business and an employee having any misunderstandings throughout the duration of their employment and particularly when their employment comes to an end. The contract is a legally binding document that uses substantial detail to inform the employee about things like compensation, severance packages, vacation time, and expectations of the employer. To provide complete protection for a business, employment contracts also can include non-disclosure agreements of trade secrets, non-compete clauses that prevent employees from working for a nearby competitor, and non-solicitation clauses, which stop ex-employees from soliciting other employees into a business venture. Clarior Law provides thorough employment contracts specific to Utah Law that help the flow of employees in and out of a business occur without complication.

Alternative Dispute Resolution

Alternative Dispute Resolution is an effective tool for businesses and employees wishing to avoid the destructive nature of litigation in addition to the astronomical legal costs associated with lengthy litigation. When two opposing entities utilize the legal system to resolve disputes, many have found the process can be disruptive to business and can irreparably damage the relationship between the opposing parties. Businesses or individual’s intent on having an expedited resolution to a legal dispute can use Clarior Law to facilitate fair and comprehensive mediation or arbitration.

Advertising & Marketing Agreements

An Advertising and Marketing Agreement is created to ensure that all expectations are forthright so that no party involved feels their services were unsatisfactory. Typically, marketing agreements are made for companies looking for outside services to supply advertising. These services may include product promotion, media advertising, marketing research, and PR. Clarior Law can assist companies through creating Advertising and Marketing Agreements that are specific in regards to exact numbers of deliverables, the timing associated with advertisement and compensation for these essential services.

To preserve the interests of a growing business, owners must take certain precautions to protect their property, investments and future. Clarior Law assists with this protection by helping with Intellectual Property Agreements, Employment Contracts, Alternative Dispute Resolutions, and Advertising & Marketing Agreements.

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