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External Protections

External protections with non disclsure and non compete agreementsOften, the most cost effective and efficient way for companies to expand is by contracting services that are outside the organization. As companies establish the following agreements, Clarior Law can help by ensuring that the company is obtaining the greatest possible benefit: Consulting Services Agreement, Confidentiality Agreement, Construction Contract, and Commercial Leasing.

Consulting Services Agreement

A Consulting Services Agreement is a document drafted by legal counsel specifying the terms of one party providing consulting services to another in return for compensation. This agreement defines whether the consultation is a one-time service or a continuing service under the stipulations of the contract. It may also include a comprehensive review of the requirements for providing them in addition to the plan of action should disputes emerge. Clarior Law helps Utah based consultants and those seeking consultation draft detailed consulting services agreements that are beneficial to both parties.

Confidentiality Agreement

A Confidentiality Agreement is a legally binding contract made for the purpose of one or more entities agreeing that information will remain entirely between them. Confidentiality agreements are most common between employees and their employers regarding sensitive information specific to that trade or industry. Clarior Law assists companies in producing Confidentiality Agreements that specify how information is handled, what may or may not be disclosed and the liable retrieval of documents should an employer request so. A Utah company benefits from these services, as trade secrets are kept secure by thorough confidentiality agreements.

Construction Contract

A Construction Agreement defines the obligations of the contractor and the party requesting services. A variety of pre-drafted Construction Contracts are readily available, however a contract created by Clarior Law can include terms and payment provisions specific to the project and parties involved. A Construction Contract drafted specific for your company can ensure that the services rendered are in accordance with what was initially agreed upon, and the payment timeline is effectively mandated according to Utah State Law.

Commercial Leasing

A Commercial Lease is a written agreement where one party leases out a particular asset it owns, typically property or equipment, to a secondary party for a specific amount of time previously agreed upon. In order for a Commercial Lease to be mutually beneficial for both parties involved, Clarior Law can assist parties in reviewing clauses that are potentially problematic. The most common areas of dissension are liabilities and injuries and maintenance of the property. A customized commercial leasing agreement produced by Clarior Law can help mitigate these risks and make the agreement advantageous for all factions.

As companies look outside the establishment for services, often there are additional risks businesses must be wary of. Clarior Law can assist in mitigating these risks by providing meticulous legal support. This support includes: Consulting Services Agreements, Confidentiality Agreements, Construction Contracts, and Commercial Leasing.

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