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Manufacturing and Production Agreements

Manufacturing and Production AgreementsTo sustain the growth being experienced as companies expand, it may be necessary to establish new relationships. Clarior Law can facilitate these new associations by creating the following agreements: Warranties, Distribution, and Capital Equipment Contracts.

Warranty Agreement

A Warranty is any kind of promise or guarantee from a manufacturer or seller that stands behind the products or services rendered. Typically, a warranty is a statement about the integrity of a product and the commitment of the seller to rectify any issues should the service be deficient. Avoiding lengthy legal troubles from warranties that some consumers may perceive as misleading can protect the interests of the company or practice. Whether a warranty is explicitly expressed or implied, buyers can attempt to have courts enforce warranties, if they feel the warranty was misleading. Clarior Law can help mitigate these risks by creating warranties that both protect the company, and ensure quality of service for the customer.

Distribution Agreement

A Distribution Agreement is a contractual document between a distributor and supplier that outlines the terms and conditions of marketing a product. As companies grow, they often choose between hiring its own sales department or using distributors to provide the same service. Typically, small business use distributors because they are more cost effective, and have a superior knowledge of the market area. Clarior Law can help draft a Distribution Agreement that provides optimal benefit for companies and facilitates the growth of the many burgeoning small businesses in Utah.

Capital Equipment Contract

A Capital Equipment Contract is needed when a company intends to acquire equipment that is expected to provide operating benefits over a lengthy period of time. These goods are generally taxed differently and represented differently by the companies accounting department due to the fact this equipment contributes value to the organizations business. Clarior Law assists companies and practices by creating a capital equipment contract that helps to acquire goods at the best possible cost to meet the needs of the acquirer in terms of the quality of the products, the quantity of the equipment, and the duration of time the commodity is intended to be used for.

A growing company stands to benefit significantly from new relationships that facilitate the expansive nature of that industry. Clarior makes this growth smoother by helping with Warranties, Distribution Agreements, and Capital Equipment Contracts.

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