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FFL Representation

After all the hard work you went through to get your FFL, you’ve got to make sure that what you do with your gun business keeps you in compliance with all of ATF’s rules.

Michael is here to help you keep your FFL and your Utah gun business going strong.  In many cases, you have to be extremely careful in how you interact with the ATF.  Michael’s FFL law practice is designed to be an effective intermediary between you and the ATF.  For instance, if you have been a type 1 FFL doing gunsmithing, you may have violated ATF regulations by simply making an AR-15 from a parts kit.  Would you want to call the ATF just to tell them that you’ve been violating their regulations and you now want your Type 7?  You should have effective legal representation in these matters.

Here are some of the Federal Firearm License legal matters that Michael can help your business with:

  • 4473 Transfers
  • Denials
  • ATF audits
  • Straw purchase legal defense representation
  • Multiple Handgun Sales
  • Reporting Theft
  • Address Changes
  • Youth Handgun Act
  • School zone gun issues
  • NICS background check
  • NICS appeal process
  • Gun Shows for FFL
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