HIPAA lawyer policy and procedure complianceAssuring that your medical company is protected legally and is in compliance with government regulation is of paramount importance. This is even more so when establishing a medical practice. Copious amounts of government regulation can often intimidate those wishing to pursue their dreams of helping other by establishing a medical practice. Clarior Law helps this process and makes the task considerably easier. One aspect of business that every medical practice must abide by is the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability, otherwise known as HIPAA. By enacting HIPAA, the United States government created the establishment of Federal standards for the security of electronic protected health information (e-PHI). As the medical industry turns almost entirely electronic, new mandates were required to ensure the protection of the sensitive health information of patients. A key component of a successful medical practice is staying at all time HIPAA compliant. Medical professionals should focus on the practice of medicine; helping people and serving the community is a vital part of the medical practice. This can only be done if the practice stays HIPAA compliant and this can be achieved through Clarior Law. Allowing an attorney to draft HIPAA regulations into company policies and procedures, a medical practice is free to let the professionals focus on doing what they do best, helping people.