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Buy/Sale Agreements

Utah buy and sale agreements purchase contractsAs a company experiences growth and prosperity, it can often be difficult to foresee the potential legal problems it may face. By hiring a general counsel, companies can be prepared for these unforeseeable issues. To protect the future of a small business, a buy-sell agreement is critical. A buy/sell agreement is a legally binding agreement between the owner(s) of a business that dictates the terms and conditions should an owner choose to leave the business voluntarily, be forced to leave the business or become deceased. For a buy/sell agreement to be successful and efficient, the arrangement requires a profusion of prior planning. This is where Clarior Law can be a critical asset by creating a buy-sell agreement that is both legally sound and focused on the long-term strategy. Clarior Law has a wealth of business law experience and will be able to create a buy/sell agreement that establishes clauses specific to that company and the owners. As an attorney specifies who can buy a departing partners share, what events can trigger a buyout and what price will be paid for the buyout, the company is free to grow knowing that a set course of action is prepared through sound legal advice that foresees any situation that could potential destroy a burgeoning small business.



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