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Sandy, Utah, April 2, 2015 – Steck Law, PLLC recently announced they will be moving their office to a new location in Lehi, Utah at the end of April. Steck Law will be operating in the same office space as Avalaunch Media, a digital marketing company.

The law firm will service its clients on the second floor of this newly built office space that provides a professional environment and room for growth. The new address for Steck Law will be 2972 West Maple Loop Drive, Suite 201, Lehi, Utah.

Steck Law has been operating out of the same space as Joe Firearms, a custom gun manufacturing company, which was previously co-owned by Michael Steck, attorney for Steck Law. Recently, Steck sold his portion of the company to his partner to allow him to better focus on his growing law firm. Steck determined a new office space would be the best move to help him reach those goals.

Steck works in many different legal matters. To find out more about his practice, qualifications, and contact information, visit his website at www.SteckLaw.com.

Steck Law is a law firm owned and operated by Michael Steck, a graduate of the University of Utah School of Law in 2010 and member of the Utah Bar Association. Steck is a small business owner with an intimate knowledge of business law, firearm law, and online privacy law, who works within a broad range of legal matters for the State of Utah.

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