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Personal Trainer Business Start-Up

In this presentation, Attorney Mike Steck discusses the legal considerations when pursuing becoming a Personal Trainer. After emphasizing that the content presented is not formal legal advice, Mike overviews the Certification’s required by Personal Trainers. The presentation concludes with a brief overview of things to consider when Personal Trainers give diet and nutritional advice.

Location, Location, Location

This presentation discusses the advantages and disadvantages associated with operating out of a home gym, a self-owned gym or an established gym.

Legal Considerations

Mike then confers about the type of legal entity your business may be and the necessary legal protections. When establishing a Personal Training business there are legal protections needed to keep the future of your growing business secure

  • Waiver (internal agreement)
  • Services Contract
  • Independent Contractor Status (external agreement)

Please review the presentation and feel free to contact Michael Steck if you have any questions regarding the legalities of a career in Personal Training. If you are ready to start your own fitness business, ask Mike about whether a LLC or corporation would be right for your business endeavor.


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