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Steck Law, PLLC is pleased to announce that we have several flat rate business packages to help you get your FFL and start a successful gun business.  Please feel free to contact Michael if you have any questions.


NFA Gun Trust | $400 – Estate planning tool to protect your family from unlawful possession of NFA firearms at your passing.  Multiple people can have access to the NFA firearms in the trust when appointed as Trustee.  No Law Enforcement signature required when applying for ownership.


Firearm Instructor Liability Waiver | $100 – Customized waiver to help protect yourself and your company from mishaps on the range or during your course.


Range Safety SOP Liability Waiver | $100 – Enhanced protection on the liability waiver to ensure that students read and understand range safety rules.


Independent Contractor waiver, agreement and non-disclosure |  $250- Use these documents to protect your company when you have additional instructors on the range that are not employed by your company.  Furthermore, this document protects your company by limiting how much information your independent contractor instructors can disclose about your course/business practice and prevents them from soliciting your students.


FFL application package | $500 – Application completion, mailing and training to prepare for ATF interview.  This package comes with a completely highlighted ATF FFL rulebook with the most important areas highlighted.


LLC creation | $1,000 – It’s one thing to be setup as an LLC, and it’s another to actually have limited liability.  The LLC package that I prepare registers your business with the state agencies responsible for governing businesses in Utah, produces articles of organization that protect you and your business, issues certificates of ownership, meeting minutes and all of the initial tax documents needed to get your LLC started.  This service also includes acceptance on my part as your Registered Agent to accept service of process – should someone sue you, you want the documents to come to a practicing attorney who will know what to do with the documents.  Throughout this LLC creation, the entire focus is on removing you the individual from the business entity as much as possible.


Local business licensing | $350 – I will work through all of the local ordinances and applications to get your business licensed in your municipality.

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