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So you’ve decided to get a suppressor, a machine gun or short barreled rifle?  The issue now becomes, how do you go about getting that National Firearms Act (“NFA”) item.  There are three ways that you can possess an NFA item in Utah.  They are:

  1. As an individual
  2. As a corporation
  3. As a NFA gun trust
The purpose of this post is to give you some basic information about this process.  In short, the NFA weapon trust is the best means to purchase NFA items because it allows for multiple individuals to use the NFA item and protect your NFA items for years after you die.  This post is continued below if you’d rather not watch the video.

Q.)  What is an NFA Weapon Trust?

A.) For starters, a trust is basically a special type of contract between you, the Trustor, and someone that you designate as the Trustee.  This special contract allows you to avoid certain estate issues when you pass away.   For this reason, the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (“BATFE”) recognizes this gun trust as an appropriate entity to possess your NFA guns like suppressors, short barrel rifles and machine guns.


Q.) Why is an NFA gun trust the best means to purchase NFA items?

A.) Purchasing NFA items as an individual is rather lengthy and presents several problems for allowing other people to use your NFA items.  For instance, when you purchase an NFA item as an individual, you are strictly prohibited from loaning out your NFA items.  With an NFA weapon trust, you can have anyone that is listed on the trust have access to your NFA item.  In our proprietary NFA weapon trust we also have a section where you can designate temporary trustees to have access to your NFA weapon.


Q.) What will happen with my NFA firearms when I die?

A.)  The NFA gun trust is the ideal vehicle to maintain control of your NFA items for the present time and for future use – after you die.  Simple purchase as an individual or as a corporation, does not allow for adequate future planning.  Do you want to just leave your NFA items sitting in the gun safe when you pass away?  What will your family do with them?  Are you making your loved ones commit a felony?


Q.) What does it cost?

A.) An NFA gun trust that includes protection for you and your family costs $150 for a Basic, $350 for an Advanced and $550 for a Premium.  Please see the price and feature comparison here:

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Give Utah’s NFA gun trust lawyer a call today at 801-505-9202 with any questions you have about the process.

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