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In setting up your Utah NFA weapon trust, there are several people that need to be identified to be listed on the trust.  The following information is designed to help you understand who the parties are that are supposed to go into your NFA weapon trust to handle these special firearms.

In its simplest form, an NFA weapons trust is basically a special type of contract that allows you to have access to Short Barrled Rifles, Short Barreled Shotguns, Suppressors and Pre-86 fully automatic machine guns.  When I say contract, this contract is designed handle the ownership and management of a very special property (i.e NFA weapons).

So here is a basic list of who the parties are in a NFA weapon trust:

Trustor: The trustor is the person for who’s benefit the trust is created.  You, the person reading this, are most likely the trustor as you are probably the person who is going to be buying the NFA item.   A trustor is also called a grantor.

Trustee:  You, the trustor, will also be listed as a Trustee.  As trustee, you will have a present right to possess NFA items.  You will list all those that you want to have an immediate possession to your NFA weapons as trustee.

Beneficiary:  A beneficiary is the person to whom you want to leave your NFA items when you pass away.  There is some discussion about whether a beneficiary has the ability to access your NFA weapons in this NFA trust.  Michael Steck, Esq. will go over this intricate detail with you when you have purchased the NFA weapon trust.

Ready to get started?  Click on the attached form to start filling out the fields of all the people you want on your NFA weapon trust.  Your NFA weapon trust will cost you $400.  Michael is also available to help you even if you live outside the state of Utah.


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