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If you’ve thought about getting your NFA gun trust, now is a great time to get one!  Here are 5 exciting reasons for you to get a gun trust!

  1. Faster processing time! – If you haven’t heard the great news, the ATF has a new online processing system called eforms.  This new system has taken 9-10 month processing times down to around 3 months!  You must have an NFA gun trust in order to use this system.
  2. $100 off! – Save $100 off your NFA gun trust when you purchase the trust with any NFA firearm (suppressor or SBR) from Joe Firearms.  Contact the guys at JoeFirearms.com if you have any questions | joefirearms.com | 801-502-7055
  3. New Distributors! There are several major distributors that have started carrying suppressors, with everything from SilencerCo, AAC and the like, which is greatly speeding up the process.  The major suppressor distributor from the past while has fallen behind on orders and these new distributors have really picked up the slack, speeding up the entire process!
  4. ATF rule changes! Recently, the ATF announced that they would be making rule changes regarding the trustee background check requirement.  They recently announced that they won’t have anything finalized until the start of the Summer.  This makes now a great time to get your Gun Trust started!
  5. Big Benefits! – There are great benefits with getting an NFA gun trust.  One of the big benefits is that there are no background checks on gun trusts – making the entire process faster!  Secondly, you are able to have multiple people on the trust which allows you to send out your firearm with your trustees without you there.  Lastly, it’s a great means of estate planning to protect your family and these amazing firearms.

So, I hope you’re excited as I am about the new updates and upgrades to the system.  Feel free to drop me a line or an email about the gun trust if you have any questions.

Great Time to Get Your NFA Gun Trust

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