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It’s been a while since I’ve posted online (and that’s going to change very quickly) and it’s been a rather busy time as I’ve been building a new home office.  I am still working out of the Sandy location, but where I am working on lots of projects, I’ve needed a new place that is nice and quite to focus on my law practice.  I am particularly thankful for the amazing artwork provided by ImpersaNature studios for the custom law office wall art.  The guys over at ImpersNature are all extremely talented and they quickly caught my vision when I said that I wanted this Kanji to stand out and to make an impact on my office space.

My favorite thing about working with ImpersaNature is that they are custom in everything that they do.  I have always been impressed with their artificial environments and custom designs and that’s why I knew that I could get something really cool out of them.  I’m sure they could duplicate what they did for me, but the coolest thing is that they can make just about anything.  Very impressed.  I love my new law office wall art!  In case you are wondering, the Kanji on the wall reads “Gi” which means righteousness.  You also find this character in Seigi, which means justice.  It’s a nice feeling for my law office.  Don’t you think?

Here are some photos:

Thanks for the custom workGI SteckLaw Office

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