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Outside General Counsel Services to Companies in Utah

Attorney Mike Steck addresses the challenges specific to companies growing in the state of Utah in this presentation. Utah has rapidly become one of the great entrepreneurial centers of the Mountain West Region. As businesses put their roots down in Utah, and begin to expand, there are many issues that accompany rapid growth. Mike begins by breaking down many of the challenges that thriving businesses encounter.

General Counsel’s Area of Coverage

A general counsel offers invaluable legal advice that may possibly protect the company from lengthy and costly litigation. However, general counsels advice and instruct on an assortment of legal matters

  • Entity organization/operation
  • Governmental Affairs
  • Outside relationships – Agreements, NDA’s Independent contractors
  • Policies and procedures
  • Employees – Federal/State laws, FLSA, OSHA
  • Privacy – HIPAA, Employee, Online
  • Protect business against internal/external threats
  • Structured agreements for maximized profitability

Moving Forward

For any emerging enterprise, an honest general counsel is critical to sustain growth through enacting proactive measures that protect the assets and employees of the business.

Please review the presentation and feel free to contact Michael Steck if you have any questions about how a general counsel can benefit your growing company.


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