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If you’re like me, it’s a bit of a let down to see that Mr. Romney didn’t win the election.  For a few more days, I’m sure we will be inundated with all the reasons that President Obama rocks and the Mitt Romney couldn’t quite pull it off.  My faith in and hope for our great country waivers as the popular mindset is to reelect Mr. Obama.

I hope that Mr. Obama will take the campaign, all of the vastly unhappy people in the country as a sign that he needs to step up his game.  Quite wasting time, quite waisting tax payer money and get to work!  In the gun community, many are concerned about what Mr. Obama might do to gun rights, like reinstating the Assault Weapons Ban.  I don’t think he’s got the political clout that Clinton had and will be able to have any real success on such a measure, especially with a Republican controlled House.  My big concern is that with his control of the Senate, he will pack the Supreme Court with overly liberal justices that might overturn recent victories for the second amendment.  Having said that, it’s definitely a time for all of us to consider what firearms we have, what else we need, and where we need to shore up one’s personal weaknesses.

I can imagine that in addition to the Assault Weapons Ban, the Democrats would love to chop ones ability to acquire NFA firearms.  It’s for this very reason that I recommend that if you’ve been thinking about getting an NFA weapon trust, the time to act is now.  In light of the election and my desire to help you out, not only will I help you with your trust, but I am able to get you below retail prices on Suppressors and Short Barreled Rifles.  So, check out this PDF about the process with getting your Utah NFA gun trust.  Please feel free to call, email or text my cell phone with any questions you have about the NFA gun trust and the process.

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